Performing Arts Studio Georgetown

Performing Arts Studio is a dance studio in Georgetown, Texas, focused on helping students of all ages achieve their limitless potential through performing arts training in ballet, jazz/turns&leaps,contemporary, tap, lyrical, and hip hop. We are also home to the award-winning Infinity Dance Company, “No Limits” Hip Hop Company, Tap Co, Tap Co Elite, and Continuum Performance Group.


2019-2020 Fall/Spring Class Schedule

August 19, 2019-June 5, 2020

2-3 yr (3 year old without dance experience)

Monday        10-11am        Ballet / Tap / Tumbling      Cassidy

Monday        4-5pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Cassidy

Friday            9:30-10:30am  Ballet / Tap / Tumbling   Cassidy

3-4 yr

Monday        11am-12pm      Ballet / Tap / Tumbling   Cassidy

Monday        4-5pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Jamie

Tuesday        4-5pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Diane

Tuesday        5-6pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Diane

Thursday      5:30-6:30pm  Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Diane

Friday            10:30-11:30am  Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Cassidy

5-6 yrs

Monday        4-5pm            Jazz/Hip Hop /Tumbling  Olivia

Monday        5-6pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Jamie

Tuesday        4-5pm            Ballet / Jazz / Tumbling    Jamie

Wednesday 4-5pm            Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Cassidy

Thursday      6:30-7:30pm   Ballet / Tap / Tumbling    Diane

7-9 yrs 

(1.5 hour classes / 1 costume and 1 dance in recital)

Monday        5-6:30pm        Hip Hop / Contemporary  Olivia

Monday        6-7:30pm        Ballet / Jazz            Jamie

Tuesday        5-6:30pm        Jazz / Contemporary        Jamie

Tuesday        6-7:30pm        Ballet / Tap            Diane

Friday            4-5:30pm        Ballet / Jazz            Cassidy

(.75-1 hour classes)

Wednesday    4-5pm           Acro 1&2            Natasha                 

Wednesday    5-5:45pm       Tap (Beginner)        Mekenna

Wednesday    6-7pm            Contemporary    2&3       Cassidy

Wednesday    7-8pm            Turns & Leaps 2&3        Cassidy

Thursday    4-5pm            Turns & Leaps 1&2        Olivia

Thursday    5-6pm            Ballet 1&2            Sadia

Thursday    5-7pm            Hip Hop 1&2            Olivia

Friday        4:30-5:30pm  Hip Hop 2&3            Brandy

Friday        5:30-6:30pm     Turns & Leaps 3&4        Cassidy

10 yr and up

Tuesday    6:30-7:30pm        Ballet                Jamie

Tuesday    7:30-8:30pm        Turns & Leaps            Jamie

Thursday    7-8pm            Turns & Leaps           Cassidy

Thursday    8-9pm            Contemporary          Cassidy

Wednesday    4-5pm            Acro 1&2            Natasha

Wednesday    5-6pm            Acro 3&4            Natasha       

Wednesday    5-5:45pm        Tap (Beginner)        Mekenna

Wednesday    5:45-6:30pm  Tap (Intermediate)    Mekenna

Wednesday    7-7:45pm        Hip Hop 4&5            Brandy

Wednesday    8:15-9pm        Hip Hop 6            Brandy

Friday        4:30-5:30pm        Hip Hop 2&3            Brandy

Friday        5:30-6:30pm        Hip Hop 3&4            Brandy           

Friday        5:30-6:30pm        Turns & Leaps 3&4      Cassidy

Speciality Classes

Thursday    7-7:30pm        Improv 4           Olivia

Thursday    8:30-9:00pm        Improv 5            Olivia

Pre-Pointe / Pointe Classes (must have approval this year and take 2 ballet classes)

Tuesday    7-7:30pm        Pre-Pointe / Pointe          

Thursday    7-7:30pm        Pre-Pointe / Pointe       

High School Classes (Not in Recital)

Monday    7:30-8:30pm     High School Dance Team    Olivia

Drop-In*     Any class on schedule, except Level 6 and Pre-Pointe / Pointe

*Drop-In rate $18 per hour

Adult Classes

Monday    6:30-7:30pm     Beginning Hip Hop        Olivia

Monday     7:30-8:30pm     Barre Fitness            Jamie

Tuesday    7:30-8:30pm     Adult Tap Intermediate-Adv  Diane

Wednesday   8:15-9:00pm     Adult Tap Beginner-Inter    Mekenna

Infinity Dance Company

Sunday**    4-6pm            IDC 2,3,4,6,7-Production   

Sunday    4:30-6:30pm     IDC 5               

Sunday    6:30-8:30pm     IDC 8                 

Sunday    6:30-8:30pm     IDC 9                   

Monday    4-5:30pm        IDC 2               

Monday    5-7pm            IDC 3                  

Monday    5-7pm            IDC 4               

Monday    7-9pm            IDC 6               

Monday    7-9pm            IDC 7               

Thursday    4-5:30pm      IDC 1               

**2nd Sunday of the month only

Continuum Performance Group

Wednesday    4-5:30pm        Continuum 1       Sadia/Diane   

Wednesday    5:30-7:00pm  Continuum 2     Sadia/Diane

Company Ballet Classes (Invitation Only)

Tuesday    4-5pm            Ballet 3        Sadia

Tuesday    5-6pm            Ballet 4        Sonja

Tuesday    6-7pm            Ballet 5        Sonja

Tuesday    7:30-9pm      Ballet 6        Sonja

Thursday    4-5pm           Ballet 3        Sonja NO RECITAL

Thursday    5-6pm            Ballet 4        Sonja NO RECITAL

Thursday    6-7pm            Ballet 5        Sonja NO RECITAL

Thursday    7:30-9pm      Ballet 5        Sonja NO RECITAL

Company Turns & Leaps Classes (Invitation Only)

Tuesday    5-6pm            Turn & Leaps 3    Brandy

Tuesday    6-7pm            Turn & Leaps 4    Brandy

Tuesday    7:30-8:30pm     Turn & Leaps 5    Brandy

Tuesday    9:00-9:45pm     Turns & Leaps 6  Brandy

Company Contemporary (Invitation Only)

Thursday    5-6pm            Contemporary 3    Cassidy

Thursday    6-7pm            Contemporary 4    Cassidy

Thursday    7:30-8:30pm     Contemporary 5    Olivia

Thursday    9:00-9:45pm     Contemporary 6    Olivia

“No Limits” Hip Hop Company

Wednesday    7:45-8:15pm        Jr. Hip Hop Co.     Brandy

Wednesday    9:00-9:30pm        Sr. Hip Hop Co.    Brandy

Friday        6:30-7:00pm        Mini Hip Hop Co   Brandy

Tap Co

Wednesday   6:30-7:00pm   Jr. Tap Company   Mekenna   

Wednesday   7:45-8:15pm    Sr. Tap Company   Mekenna

Wednesday   9:00-9:30pm   Tap Co Elite        Mekenna


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